Waste Connections

Waste Connections relies heavily on the power of PageFramerTM for the majority of their district websites throughout the United States. In the waste collection industry, a user-friendly website is crucial to success. Since most customers will never actually visit the physical location of a waste-management facility, a strong web presence is important. Waste management companies also need flexibility to post updates regarding route delays, weather updates, holiday schedules, and anything else that may affect their services.

PageFramerTM CMS allows Waste Connections websites across the country to have a cohesive design, while still showcasing the unique features and services of their individual districts. Intrigued? PageFramerTM will bring a versatile platform to your business, making custom web design easy and cost-effective

Safety and security are paramount for businesses like Waste Connections, which is why PageFramerTM CMS is an opportune solution. Compliant to Waste Connections and any business' strict online security expectations and needs, PageFramerTM is the definition of security goals when it comes to keeping your information and website secure. Our partners are dedicated to managing and constantly improving the security of the platform, providing benefits to all PageFramerTM users.

Most Waste Connections website’s main function is to quickly answer visitor’s questions about their local garbage collection services, to pay bills, or to sign up for said services. PageFramerTM has a number of novel content management features that can be enabled to get information to users quickly. This can reduce burdensome calls and emails, allowing you and your staff more time to do what’s important – run your business.

Versatility, Robustness, Security

Our web design partners enjoy the versatility PageFramerTM affords them in quickly building highly-robust, secure websites.

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