No two events are the same, and online event software needs to be versatile enough to fit the unique needs of your event. With PageFramerTM, you have the ability to collect all the information necessary for a successful event registration. Our CMS system incorporates an optimized online registration module to meet the needs of even the most complex event registration scenarios.

The online event registration software available within PageFramerTM operates directly inside of your event website without sending your participants to a third-party event registration service. The event registration functionality is very competitively priced, and oftentimes less expensive than third-party event registration services. PageFramerTM streamlines the online event registration process, which keeps your costs and customers' frustration levels low.

Our customizable CMS allows you to quickly, and easily, make changes to your website content to change event dates, times, and details year to year, saving you time and money.

PageFramerTM has all the tools you need to make your event website a success. Re-useable templates allow you to easily recreate similar content such as galleries and event participation results year after year. Flexible image management and slider modules allow for an easy way to showcase and feature event sponsors, which makes this event registration software a win for you, your participants, and your sponsors.

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