PageFramer CMS for Municipalities

Municipalities like to use PageFramer because it's more secure and reliable than a conventional content management system (CMS). PageFramer is also more user friendly than other alternatives, if you can create documents with a common word processor, then you can easily create and edit pages in PageFramer. While knowing HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be helpful, it's not necessary in order to create beautiful, functional, and customized pages with PageFramer.

PageFramer is a scalable and flexible solution for municipal CMS websites, it supports large municipalities by easily handling thousands of pages. It also has fine grained permissions and access controls enabling the delegation of a variety of tasks within the content management system.

Chambers of Commerce and other organizations that manage members love how well PageFramer integrates with third party services such as ChamberMaster and WebLink. Training is also greatly reduced with PageFramer because most people can learn how to use it in less than one hour.



Ease Of Use, Even For Big Municipal Websites

Used by part-time employees, city managers, and mayors alike, PageFramer only requires basic computer skills to make dynamic and well-structured web site pages.


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