PageFramer CMS website modules

Modules and a modular architecture are part of the inner workings of your website. They are essential to a robust content management system (CMS) that can meet all of your website goals.

^ Modules are essential to making your website work how you want ^

PageFramer strives to be an easy CMS, and modules help keep potential complications to a minimum. Being based on a modular architecture makes PageFramer versatile, which means that you can have a custom web design that meets the needs and helps achieve the goals of your business. With PageFramer’s unique customization options and modular, module-based architecture, our partners can use available modules or build new modules from scratch to ensure you will get everything you want out of your site while having an easy CMS and a customizable web design.

PageFramer ships with modules for building sliders, forms, alerts – almost anything you can think of. These modules make things easy that used to require an experienced web developer.



Batteries Included and Easily Customized

All PageFramer implementation partners are skilled at building and customizing PageFramer modules to make your site work exactly how you want.


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