PageFramer CMS for IntranetYour time is valuable. PageFramer is an easy CMS that can help save you time, which saves you money. With PageFramer, you have quick and easy access to your intranet CMS, which can help you and your employees quickly and efficiently distribute documents to each other and your customers. Having an easy CMS also means that you have access to employee-only pages. These pages are integral to how your business works and grows by allowing your employees to access an intranet CMS that is streamlined and intuitive.

In addition to employee-only pages, an easy CMS needs to be able to have private pages for its users. Private web pages allow you and your business to preview pages before they’re published and, with PageFramer as your intranet CMS, you and you’re employees will easily be able to view and edit these pages before they’re published. An easy CMS should allow you to view your webpages and make all the adjustments you need to before you make them public and PageFramer provides just that.

PageFramer has the capability of doing so much more and is an easy CMS that you and you’re employees will love. In addition to providing being intuitive and user-friendly, PageFramer can help with the following aspects of your intranet CMS:

  • Document Distribution & Management
  • Employee-only or Private Pages
  • Customizable Access Controls
  • Revision History (recover old versions of pages)
  • Web Content Management
  • Search

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